Destroy Your Collections Workshop

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– ** 3 HOURS of Non-Stop Collection Destroying Learning! **

Destroy Your Collections Masterclass with ME

Hot Seat Style Q&A Replay with ME

– Full Action Guide (Downloadable) detailing everything that I’ll go over during our 2hrs together.

– Full 6-Step Dispute Letter Template (Downloadable) going over the entire disputing process (it’s really 9, and trust me, I’ll walk you ALL.THE.WAY.THROUGH.IT.)

Full List of Companies that Offer Payment in Exchange for A Deletion from Your Credit Reports!

And MORE!!!

You’ll Learn:

  • When to Dispute A Collection & When to Leave It Alone.
  • Who to Dispute with First – the Credit Bureaus or the Collection Agency.
  • If you REALLY Have to Pay A Collection Agency.
  • In What Circumstances Can You Pay the Original Creditor Instead.
  • What is Pay for Delete and How Does It Work (with dispute letters and call scripts)
  • What is the Difference between Verification & Validation.
  • How Can You Tell if A Collection Has Been Fully Validated or Not
  • How & When to Escalate Your Disputes – Filing Complaints & Suing 

And More!