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In your kit you’ll have a Credit Repair Guide, Credit Repair Log, and a Dispute Letter Library  of 100 dispute templates.  

Credit Repair Kit Dispute Log Instructions  

Your Credit Repair Kit Dispute Log will help you keep track of your credit, disputing, and  results. Keep in mind this is a starter log. Thus, feel free to add columns as rows as you see fit  to keep you more organized during the disputing and credit improvement process. I often keep a  notes to the side of credit scores to see how they’ve improved from month to month.  

To get started, sit down with your credit report and your log. Enter all the information account  by account from your report to your log. Enter the Creditor Name, Address, and Account  Number.  

If your credit monitoring service gives you the Date-of-Last-Activity, put that on your log also.  If this date is not on your report, wait until you receive the report from the credit bureaus.  

This will come in response to your disputes, and will have the results to your disputes. This  bureau report will also have the Date-of-Last-Activity. You can learn more about this in your  Credit Repair Guide.  

List the Negative Type on your log and update as it is removed.  

You will also want to put the account status as well. The status can be deleted, still negative, or  verified. Whatever the current status of the account is, based on your last round of disputes,  enter this status in this column. Keep this area updates as you go along as well.  

The Notes section is for you to enter any special notes in regards to your dispute process, or  your progress. This column gives you fast access to details on how the creditors and bureaus  and handling your disputes.  


For each round of disputes you will want to enter the date you mailed the dispute. This will help  you know when you should expect results back.  

You can also track the letter you used. This will help track the REASONS for your disputes, and  help you establish your next plan of attack if the item is verified. You can then continue to add  the date the letter was mailed and the letter name on your log for all future rounds of disputes.  

This log is a simple way you can keep track of your progress and your results. You can even add  additional pertinent information to the log as you see fit.  

This log is your guide during the process, so get started right away with reviewing your report  and entering your credit items on your log so you can get your disputes in the mail today!  

Credit Repair Kit Dispute Letters Instructions 

Enclosed you will find 100 letters to help you in your credit improvement journey. This may  seem like a lot, however, once you get started you’ll see that even with 100 letters, there will be a  circumstance when not one letter will address your unique situation.  

So, what will you do then? Simple, you will change the language of the letter to match your  situation. If you read my “How to write a dispute letter” guide you will see that I advise not to  use a template word for word anyway. The best way to do this is to read the letter and  paraphrase it in your own words and write that in your letter. This is how a template becomes  YOUR letter.  

And, PLEASE READ THE LETTERS prior to mailing them off. If you just copy and past any  template letters you obtain you will fail; and I do not want you fail! These letters are meant to  give you ideas on what to say and how to say it. Don’t get stumped on trying to write the  ‘perfect’ letter. It doesn’t exist. Pay attention to what you are asking for and what to expect in  return.  

Hope this helps!  

~ Netiva “The Frugal CrediTnista”