EZ Dispute Checklist

EZ Dispute Checklist (Print and Check) 

□ Opt out of Prescreen offers @ www.optoutprescreen.com 

□ Identify items you wish to dispute and dispute them using the dispute letters provided as a template & include your partial account numbers as they appear on your credit report 

□ Fill out dispute letter with your personal information 

□ Print out your Dispute Letters and review to ensure they reflect what and why you’re disputing. Sign letters going to credit bureaus and original creditors, do not sign letters going to collection agencies. (Remember to adjust the follow-up dispute later on by removing any accounts that are corrected from the first dispute) 

□ Prepare all of the envelopes at one time for first time disputes to credit bureaus, collectors and/or creditors 

□ Make a copy of all the letters you send and keep them in a file 

□ Mark your calendar 35 days from the date you send the dispute, reminding yourself to send the follow-up dispute letter 

□ For items reported as a collection, foreclosure or short sale send the disputes with return receipt requested to ensure proof of delivery 

□ Save the dispute letters on your computer as WORD DOC’s for fast and easy adjustment and use later on 

Don’t worry about the results, by sending the dispute you have something to gain and NOTHING to lose! 

Tips: Pick up certified or first priority mail forms at the post office prior to getting started, this will save a ton of time in the long run. 

Opting out first is optional; some enjoy the offers they receive (junk mail) in order to gauge what mailing list they are on as their credit improves– prime or subprime