What I Never Thought I’d Write About — Toilet Paper Alternatives

The toilet paper apocalypse.  Who knew this was coming!!!  As we started talking amongst ourselves, some American expatriates and I came up with some TP alternatives:

So.. In Mexico, some areas can’t flush their toilet paper anyway, so they don’t have to worry about clogging their stools.  I had the horror of experiencing this when I went to a small beach town and honestly… it wasn’t that bad!  

Here are some alternatives that are available on Amazon.com last I checked:

Napkins & Paper Towels

Baby Wipes

Flushable Wipes – PLEASE DON’T FLUSH THEM! I did this and it cost me $1000s in plumbing fees those things are NOT meant to be flushed!

Reusable Items – This sounds gross as I type it but if times get desperate we gotta do what we gotta do 

  • Old Socks
  • Old Rag Towels
  • Old t-shirts

Bidet – It’s available on Amazon and Home Depot, be careful about the settings. Tried one and it felt like my skin was coming off!

Baby Squirt Bottle – if you’ve had kids you know which one I’m talking about, lol! It’s the post-labor squirt bottle.


Well, there you have it. We have about 4 packages of TP and our new bidet. I think we’ll be cool :).